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Bob Voydat from Colorado
After numerous trips to see my friends Juan and Tomas at South Parana Outfitters, I've come to realize that perfection is not something to be experienced only once in a lifetime. If you are looking for the finest Argentina view more ...
After numerous trips to see my friends Juan and Tomas at South Parana Outfitters, I've come to realize that perfection is not something to be experienced only once in a lifetime. If you are looking for the finest Argentina has to offer in the way of a hunting outfitter then look no further than South Parana Outfitters. Your imagination, anticipation, and satisfaction will be indulged beyond your wildest expectations.
As you arrive in Buenos Aires, the staff of South Parana will greet you at the EZE airport and assist in your customs entry into the country. The gracious staff will handle your baggage requirements, gun permits, and deliver you to your hotel in BA. No trip to Argentina will be complete without a few nights stay in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. If you so desire, South Parana will book your tour of the capital city where you will experience the beauty and charm that is BA and you will be treated to the best of Argentina's culinary hospitality.
Just a few hours drive from Buenos Aires, as you arrive at the Estancia San Ambrosio, you will take a step back in time. The beautiful San Ambrosio lodge lets you explore the 90+ year secrets that lie hidden within the exceptional architecture of this 1920's residence fit for a King. Juan and Tomas and the entire staff at San Ambrosio will make sure that you are treated like royalty and you will be comforted with the finest foods and wines that Argentina has to offer. Luxury is not spared at San Ambrosio as you relax by a blazing fire and share the memories of the days hunting activities. As inviting as the accommodations are at San Ambrosio, they are no match for the Dove, Duck, Perdiz, and Pigeon hunting opportunities that await you in the wetlands and fields surrounding the Estancia.
Rise in the morning to a full breakfast and after a short drive you will be sitting in a newly built duck blind with decoys already placed for your hunting pleasure. Shotgun shells, coffee, water, comfortable seats, and anticipation are all waiting for you in the duck blind. Greeted by your bird boy, who is an excellent caller trained in the ways of tradition, he will entice ducks to be taken at your discretion. As the Sun slowly rises, you will be amazed by the number and species of ducks that will tip wings over the spread right in front of your blind.
After a few hours in the morning duck blind you will be back at the Lodge for a quick rest and a bite to eat before heading out to the fields for an exceptional Perdiz hunt. This adventure will find you walking slowly behind very well trained pointing dogs that have perfected the "Argentina Creep" in pursuit of the elusive Perdiz. As the dogs slow and lock on point, you ready your shotgun for the coming eruption. Don't hesitate and remember "no Perdiz was ever left alone" so anticipate the late riser that is sure to launch into the air following your double report.
After the field has been canvassed and the dogs watered down, its back to the lodge for lunch and a quick siesta before heading out for the afternoon Dove hunt.
Rested and revived, the Dove fields are just a short distance from the Estancia and upon arrival at your shooting grounds you should take a few minutes and allow the sites to fill your thoughts. Take a moment, give time that chance to fade away, and let yourself take in that which is truly one of the many wonders of Argentina.
As thousands of Doves fly thru the air, you will find your shooting location already stocked with shotgun shells, water, soft drinks, a seat, and your bird boy. You'll be thankful for the expertise of your bird boy ready to reload your shotgun and retrieve harvested game. Once at your shooting stand, take a few seconds and define your window of opportunity as the number of doves flying from all directions will quickly redefine your shotgun talents. Within minutes your focus and concentration will come alive as you create a lifetime of memories courtesy of an Argentina dove field.
Shoot, reload, shoot again. Rest, laugh, shoot some more and let time slip away like the empty hulls that pile up at your feet. As your contentment is reached and your mind spills over with the many memories developed this fine day, hand your shotgun to the bird boy, sit back, enjoy a quick drink of water, and show some gratitude and let your bird boy demonstrate his shooting prowess. You'll enjoy his time behind the shotgun all the same. When all the high fives and congratulatory salutes are finished, the guns are put away, the spent shells cleaned up, and the harvested doves retrieved its time for pictures with your hunting buddies and your new friends from South Parana Outfitters.
After the festivities, you're back at the lodge relaxing with drinks, appetizers, as Dinner, fine wines, and dessert await your palate. Appetizers and dinner may consist of recently harvested game as nothing goes to waste in Argentina. Make sure you ask Juan and Tomas to prepare the guests favorite Dove and Duck balls recipe. One bite of this delicacy and your perception will be changed forever!
After dinner, a message, by the in-house masseuse, followed by a hot shower is all that's required to relax and ready oneself for the next days adventures.
Before you know it, Time will have slipped by like a dove shifting tail feathers in mid-flight. Guns will be cased, luggage packed, goodbyes and hugs shared with new friends, and off to BA for your return departure.
As you leave the Estancia San Ambrosio, you will suddenly be overcome by two simple questions? Why did I wait so long to experience what Juan and Tomas have to offer at South Parana Outfitters and when can I schedule a return visit to see my many friends at Estancia San Ambrosio?
Just one last suggestion, plan your return trip with South Parana Outfitters as soon as possible. Why you ask? Well it's pretty simple. Upon your return arrival, you will quickly realize that Estancia San Ambrosio is that special place where you get to redefine perfection each and every visit.

Bob Voydat
  Jay Boothe, San Francisco
Don't forget to ask about the fishing. We spent one of the most spectacular days on the water I can remember catching Golden Dorado.
Another great day with SPO.